Corporate Partners

ALPFA Seattle values relationships, and strives to understand the needs of both partners and members, as they are the pillars of our organization.  We highly encourage honest and constructive feedback, as we are determined improve our programs, initiatives, and events that will benefit both our members and our corporate partners.

We are sensitive to the current state of our economy and what implications this has for our partners, their professionals, and their organization.  ALPFA Seattle cannot express the gratitude we feel towards all our partners that have supported us from inception, through our successes to this current date.


To build a sustainable and collaborate relationship that mutually benefits ALPFA members and our corporate partners



  • Recruit highly talented professionals and students
  • Hire diverse talent to gain success in today’s multicultural marketplace
  • Develop relationships with growing pipeline of potential Latino hires

Retention & Development

  • Assistance through local and national educational programs that enhance professional growth
  • Tools to help develop and grow Latino affinity groups by partnering with our local and national leaders
  • Opportunities to promote workplace diversity image

Business Development & Branding

  • Latino market success intelligence by accessing our professional and cultural skills, attributes, and assets
  • Alliances that can expand your access to the Latino marketplace
  • Our members are influential in Latino community – branding among our members will help you compete in the Latino marketplace

For more information regarding partnership opportunities contact