Meet Ada Agrait

Ada Agrait






At tomorrow’s women of ALPFA event you’ll have the chance to Ada Agrait, an accomplished marketing executive and one of our panelists.

Agrait has over 21 years of experience in expertise in digital, consumer and enterprise marketing. She is a member of the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) Integrated and Digital Marketing Committee and a member of the Corporate Board’s Marketing Executive Council.

In addition, Agrait has been recognized with the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences’ Webby Award and The Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s WOMMY Award for most successful social media campaign to launch a new product.

Agrait has a BS in Public Relations (Syracuse University) and an MBA in Marketing and Finance (Fordham Graduate School of Business). Agrait is from Puerto Rico and is fluent in Spanish and English. She lives in Kirkland, Washington with her husband and 4-year old daughter.

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