2015-2017 Board of Directors

Executive Officers

Aracely Godinez, President

Helen Bello, Executive Vice President of Business Development

Julissa McWashington, Executive Vice President of Operations

Carlos Ruiz, Chapter Advisor

(Vacant), Secretary

Claudia Villa, Treasurer

Vice Presidents

Mari Lopez, VP of Corporate Affairs

Lester Moses, VP of Events

Victor Martinez, VP of Student Affairs

(Vacant), VP of Marketing

Chris Paredes, VP of Technology


Audrey Chavarria, Director of Website (Webmaster)

Paola Yepez, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Sasha Castro, Director of Design

Jess Hernandez, Director Social Media

Tony Abreu, Director of Student Affairs

Jabiby Haddad, Co-Director of Events

Frank Fagoaga, Co-Director of Corporate Affairs

Aaron Guerra, Co-Director of Corporate Affairs

Daniel Galaviz, Director of Community Affairs

Abe Diaz, Director of Technology


Are you interested in being a leader in the community? Do you want to develop leadership, presentation, communication and networking skills? We have committee and internship opportunities available!

Let us know if you’d like to get more involved!